Content Advisory Guidelines

All Audiences

No age restrictions. Children about 7-8 should be able to handle the content. The film is mild in impact and may feature mild sex and sexual dialogues, as well as mild violence or brief language. A film rated so is NOT necessarily targeting young audiences.

Ex: Midnight in Paris; Roman Holiday; Some Like It Hot; Eden Est; Citizen Kane; The Remains of the Day

Parental Guidance Required

Children under 15 should attend the movie only accompanied by an adult supervisor. Teens about 12-13 should, as a rule, be able to handle the content and the issues presented, but the film is unsuitable for younger teens or preteens. The content is moderate in impact.

Ex: The Pianist; Shakespeare in Love; Hanna and Her Sisters; Amadeus; Chinatown; Inception; The King's Speech

Mature Audiences

Children under 18 should attend the movie only if accompanied by an adult supervisor. Teens aged 15-16 and up should normally be able to handle the content, but adult supervision is still necessary. Such films are often high-impact and feature adult themes, as well as some strong sex, nudity, violence and coarse language.

Ex: The Godfather; The Untouchable; Serpico; One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest; Schindler's List; Gran Torino; Pulp Fiction; Fight Club 

Adults Only

Nobody under 18 should attend the movie. The content is extremely high in impact.

Ex: Killer Joe; Shame; Irréversible; Natural Born Killers; Requiem for a Dream; Salò, or the 120 Days of Sadoma; A Serbian Film

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